Blockchain City Beta

intelligent/smart city - A public chain solution

BCB Blockchain

BCB Blockchain prioritizes safety, stability, expandability and usability when it is designed.

By introducing modular virtual machine, intelligent sand box and value exchange mechanism, a blockchain network featured by constant improvement, easy use, low cost and appropriate customization is established.

High performance

The data processing speed TPS of the BCB blockchain per second can reach [10,000/s] with piecewise technique matched with BFT-DPOS consensus

Fast interface

The rich application development framework and flexible mode of deployment provide different language modes and different modes of deployment for the purpose of fast access to application


Different authority setting and user privacy keeping plans are available. The secret key management system is established via the platform with hardware module


The visible blockchain operating system is established,which can be used by users in program code programming environment test and deployment


Traceability system

Blockchain makes the agriculture industry where innovative factors are injected more advantageous
With blockchain, the product information transparency can be ensured.
The information of all products can be recorded
in blockchain via identification system of Internet and IOT
so as to ensure the consumption transparency

Global cross-border settlement

The core application and key value of BCB lie in establishing the world
leading global cross-border settlement system.
BCB chain cross-border settlement system has gathered the latest achievements
of the top bankers, security experts and software and hardware elites

supply chain finance

Digital bill released and operated in BCB blockchain can be divided and transferred
at will under a public and transparent environment witnessed by different parties.
BCB blockchain is featured by traceability, consensus and decentration.
The data of blockchain are provided with timestamp so the whole system will not be affected
once the data of some node are modified. Therefore,
blockchain can provide absolutely reliable environment, reduce risk control costs of capital and resolve the banks’ worries of information alteration

Luxury anti-counterfeiting

The place of origin and the previous records of diamond can be tracked
via blockchain browser through the coordinated operation of blockchain smart contract so as to
reduce the possibility of counterfeiting involvement for insurance company
, diamond holder and law enforcement agencies and increase consumers’ confidence

Online wallet support

BCB team is trying to establish a payment system connecting the real world and blockchain network
so that users can make payment within the world range via multiple ways
such as BCB bank card, mobile wallet, ATM and bank transfer. The team expects the circulation and using of users’ virtual assets
s in the maximum extent, so that the users and enterprises can resolve the risks
that may happen to the existing centralization solution by trading the
blockchain assets seamlessly via the decentralization system