VP,Policies BCB Blockchain
Douglas Gan
CEO BCB Blockchain
Jason Su
CO-CTO BCB Blockchain
CO-CTO BCB Blockchain
  • Headquartered in Singapore
  • Initial Launch
2018 Q1-Q2
  • Launch of BCB Innovation Power Fund
  • BCB Academy & Incubator in Philippines
  • Launch of Smart City Initiatives
  • Thailand Office
  • Cambodia Office
  • China Office
  • BCB for Businesses
2019 Q1-Q2
  • Ecosystem of BCB Dapps and Developers across South East Asia
  • Smart City Implementations
  • Securities Tokenisation
  • Many more in the works....
2018 Q3-Q4
  • Philippines Office
  • BCB Wallet
  • BCB Scan
  • Partnership whit Yatai City
2019 Q3-Q4
  • Myanmar Office
  • BCB Partnership with DOST Philippines
  • BCB Developer Learning Center
  • Dapps Marketplace
  • Side Chain
  • Solidity and ERC20 porting capability
Many more developments are in the works...
Our Offices
In preparation for rapid expansion, we have established offices starting out from Singapore to China, Hong Kong SAR, PRC, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia and Thailand. You can find our offices at the following locations.
  • Singapore Headquarters
  • China Office
  • Hong Kong SAR, PRC Office
  • Philippines Office
  • Myanmar Office
  • Cambodia Office
  • Thailand Office