BCB Blockchain ASEAN Tour aims to promote blockchain technology, develop smart city solutions with blockchain and connect motivated individuals and teams from institutional, academies, and technical communities across South East Asia who are interested  in bringing in their creativity to drive real change and impact in the region with BCB Blockchain. 
The goal of the BCB Blockchain ASEAN Tour is to create 1000 smart city projects
with universities, start ups and associations in South East Asia on the BCB ecosystem
to create a more sustainable, and better working and living environment for cities.
Why Join Us ?
We want to drive ASEAN forward and impact the lives of millions using blockchain technology.
The BCB ecosystem provides incubation, investment and support programs to help projects accelerate quickly.
  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3
  • Win grants by participating
    in competitions
  • Access to incubation programs
    and angel/seed funds
  • Access to global marketplace,
    network of, investors and more
We are looking for talented, innovative
developers across ASEAN.
If you have amazing coding and analytical skills, and the creativity and passion to drive real change to impact the region, start developing with BCB today and participate in our below!
24 Hours Hackathon
BCB Asean Tour 24 Hours Hackathon is a startup challenge that aims to enable Asean based developers to prototype and build relevant and sustainable application using BCB Blockchain technology. It’s goal is to promote blockchain use case design and engineering skill awareness for potential talent to experiment, build and learn.
Rules and Regulation
3 Months Competition
BCB Asean Tour 3 Month Online Hackathon allow teams or individuals to brainstorm to ideate solution using Blockchain technology. Now, it is your chance to try out new things! Work together, collaborate and forge things that are innovative for the masses.
Rules and Regulation

Create On BCB And Win Cash Prizes!

There is a prize pool of up to $15,000 USD for the winners


  • 24 Hours
    For developers to pitch new ideas
    and concepts
  • 3 Months
    For developers to create working
    prototypes to solve existing
    problems in cities


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