The BCB Foundation is launched in 2019 to cultivate outstanding projects in the development of smart cities with blockchain technology. The BCB Foundation is supported by the BCB Academy, BCB Incubation and BCB Innovation Power Fund.

Developing smart cities to better support the growing population is a global and complex challenge involving multidisciplinary fields. We encourage development in other key areas such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and internet of things.

The foundation welcomes active participation from the public. It provides start to end support & development for concepts to grow into working solutions.

Through the BCB Academy, BCB Incubation and BCB Innovation Power Fund, the Foundation hopes to develop blockchain developers globally to create a wealth of applicable smart city solutions.

BCB Innovation Power Fund

BCB Innovation Power Fund is a US$1B fund incorporated in Cayman. The fund supports
the foundation to develop smart city projects on BCB by providing access to early capital
and series A-C funding. All projects globally are supported with projects from South East
Asia enjoying greater focus due to closer proximity with our base of operations.

BCB Academy

BCB Academy is an online learning center that provides learning materials and tools to develop the BCB into tokens, Dapps and smart city solutions. Courses include Blockchain 101, Blockchain for Developers, BCB Developer Course. These educational initiatives are open to developers as well as non-developers.

Courses are currently in development.
We encourage interested parties to work with us.

BCB Incubation

Along with BCB Academy, we conduct various programs to provide students and startups with mentoring, co-incubation and market expansion opportunities. Competitions and hackathons are held in multiple countries. Winners and approved projects will receive grants and leverage our experience into business.


Blockchain exposure is still in its infancy stage. We welcome everyone who is interested in blockchain technology to co-work, build, grow, support, and nurture an entrepreneurial ecosystem to thrive. You can join us in our following programs:

Seminars, Trainings, Workshops on Blockchain Technology
Work Immersion Programs
Internship Programs
Employment Opportunities

Research and Development Projects

Research and Development Projects

Collaborating with experts in academia, government, and industry, BCB hopes to advance the widespread growth and development of Smart Cities systems and technologies to resolve smart cities problems. BCB encourages all projects with credible research and development to come forward.


BCB Incubation is a global program aiming to empower developers and foster innovation for blockchain-based solutions to support the smart cities. Teams are invited to submit their projects built on the BCB Blockchain protocol. Mentorship, advisory, working space, and access to potential funding are provided in many countries.


BCB is dedicated to fostering blockchain talents. A series of hackathons and competitions across the global will be held to discover and encourage the most innovative BCB projects. Participate to win up to $15,000 USD grants.